Finals on October 14th in Berlin



From June to September 2019 several German startups made their way to China to visit Nanjing, Dongguan, Changzhi and Tianjin for the Semi-Finals in the fields AI and Intelligence Manufacture, Environment Protection and Green Innovation, Biotechnology and Big Health and Smart Traffic and IT. The startups pitched their products and ideas in front of a crowd of investors and corporates, which resulted in three innovative startups winning the pitch-competition in each field and proceeding to the Finals on October 14th in Berlin. After the pitch competition the startups took part in a matchmaking with Chinese investors and corporates and were able to establish a lot of connections and generate valuable leads.

Our Tips for China

  • It is all about the partners

    Chinese investors and companies want trust. Find a Chinese partner to gain credibility and build a network.

  • Have people on the ground

    Doing business in China only works if you have a seat in China Mainland, this will give you extra credibility that you are taking your business ambitions in China seriously.

  • Find your first Chinese customer

    Chinese companies will want to be certain that your business proposition will also work in a Chinese setting. They often invest if you already have a Chinese customer.

  • Regional patriotism is strong in China

    In China business only works with government so build up close relationships with the local authorities. This will help your case alot.

  • Adapt your pitch for China

    Chinese investors pay special attention to team-background and awards.

Impressions of the Competition